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New York Divorce Filing


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Even an amicable, uncontested divorce can be a challenging and life-changing process. Get the help you need, where you and your family are our experienced legal professional's first priority.

New York Divorces   $499

Our fee for an Uncontested Divorce in New York is $499.00. The Court fee that is paid later, directly to the Court in 2 payments, is $335.00. If you receive SSI or Public Assistance, you do not need to pay the Court fee. If you have Children or Property our fee is $599


As every case is unique, and because uncontested divorce proceedings can pose a number of various pros and cons, we strongly recommend that you schedule a free case evaluation with a member of our legal team to learn more about how your personal situation will be affected


Divorce By Mail

The Divorce Filing Services has been using “Divorce By Mail” for over 20 years. If you would rather not come to one of our offices, we will work with you through the mail. It is the same exact process as coming in, but it saves you a trip.  If you have Children or Property our fee is $499.


Here, You And Your Family Come First


When couples agree to an uncontested divorce, they:

  • Have no child custody, property division or spousal support disputes

  • Want to save time and money, so they can move forward

  • Are willing to negotiate and decide their divorce together

But navigating the process is still tough. You still need an ally who is invested in your family’s future.

Our uncontested divorce attorneys strive to make your divorce as swift and easy as possible. We are known for helping families through the best and cheapest uncontested divorces in New York. That means, you do not have to stress about your family’s future or your finances after divorce.

We offer efficient uncontested divorce pricing, including:

· $399 + court fees for uncontested divorce with no minor children

· $499 + court fees for uncontested divorce with minor children

· $599 + court fees for uncontested divorce with minor children and property

We are available to address your concerns at any point with honesty and compassion.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  Why should I use the services of Divorce Filing Services?

   Here are THREE good reasons why!

(1st) Your uncontested divorce will be processed by legal professionals with years of experience, 

         and you will work directly with experienced legal professionals

(2nd) DFS has acquired many years of experience to professionally handle your
        divorce, from the beginning to the end (Judgment of Divorce signed), We personally guide you through the fastest
        uncontested divorce in New York, while ensuring you achieve your goals and safeguard your best interests.


(3rd) We’re not just a website with a unknown person behind the screen. Professionals consult with clients on every                      case directly so you have face-to-face interaction with the person assigned to assist you.

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Let us help reduce your stress and find the resolutions your family needs. Meet with us for a free case evaluation today.  Hablamos español.



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