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Court Filing Fees

(Q.) How much are the Court Filing Fees?
(A.) The Court filing fees totaling $335 (are NOT included in APS fee) and is done by making
        two (2) separate payments to the County Clerk's Office (within NYC).

       You will need to make the FIRST Payment of $210 to purchase an "Index No." (this is to
       start your case in Court).

       When the time comes to file your remaining batch of documents (i.e. after your spouse
       returns the document(s) to you OR your spouse has defaulted), you will need to make
       the SECOND Payment in the amount of $125 for the "Note Of Issue" (and only at that time
       the Court will permit you to submit the remaining batch of documents as well).

   NOTE: If you live outside of NYC (i.e. Westchester County), the Court filing fees are slightly higher,
               and you may have to submit additional documents.

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