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Whether you’re going through a divorce with kids, a divorce without kids or a gay, same sex or LGBT+ divorce, we can help. We understand how time-consuming and complex a divorce can be and want to make the process as simple, fast, affordable and efficient as possible for our clients. We not only prepare divorce documents to the highest court standards but we also walk with you through each step of the process.

Getting a Divorce When You Have Children

A divorce with children can be more difficult and time consuming than a divorce without children. Commonly, when young children are present they don’t understand why their parents are splitting up and many need some extra attention or even counseling. The divorce process can also take longer when children are involved as custody, visitation and support need to be addressed. We can help you with your uncontested divorce without an attorney. We also specialize in LGBT and same-gender divorces.


A divorce is the dissolution of a marriage. This means all direct legal relationships with your spouse will end, except those specifically written out in a divorce agreement, stipulation of settlement or separation agreement. Written agreements can include information about the following

  • Child Support                                                 

  • ​Division of Property

  • Payment of Debts

  • Child Care/Educational Expenses Divorce in New York

  • Spousal Support/Alimony

  • Visitation

  • Health Insurance

There are different types of divorce to consider. At We the People of NY, we help our clients with Uncontested Divorces and No-Fault Divorces. An Uncontested Divorce happens when both spouses come to an agreement in regards to dividing assets, child support, child custody, etc. We The People prepares all the divorce paperwork in accordance with your agreement. We like to say that you make the decisions, we do the paperwork. All the parties need to do is sign. (We also can notarize all documents for you as needed). After all the required divorce documents are signed by the parties, they are presented to the court for a judge's signature. Typically, no one needs to appear in court.


A No-Fault Divorce allows a couple to split wthout having to place blame on the other spouse. It's much less costly that a contested divorce involving attorneys, making No-Fault Divorce a desirable and affordable choice for those looking to end their union somewhat amicably.


If you would like to proceed with a divorce and have children, contact us today and we can help you with the process.


We The People also provides personalized help with legal separations and divorce without children.

Getting an Uncontested and No-Fault Divorce

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